The Magic Token you have found has led you to this page and this means that the magic is happening already! You are holding $50 in your hands! The question is: do you believe in magic enough to get it?

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This is #Magic

Have a good look at the Token in your hands! This is no simple coin. The power of the Magic Token is that it can double your fortune. Yes! Right now and right here! In fact, it can lead you to more riches than you could ever think of! And everything you will make is yours for the taking!

Do you believe now? Let me tell you how we can do magic together.

1. Open an account

Sign up at MTrading - a global Forex broker - and confirm your registration.

2. Learn how to do magic

Learn about Forex trading so that you can unlock the token's magic power to the fullest.

3. Cash in your Magic Token

Deposit $50 or an equivavalent in Naria and the power of the Magic Token will double this amount.

Magic Tokens expire in:

4. Start trading

Once your account is funded and your Magic Token funds are credited - start trading. You can trade currencies, gold, oil, indices & much more. But we suggest you start with the most popular currency pair - EUR/USD.

Trading with MetaTrader 4 is not hard. Most important things you should learn to do it to place orders by buying or selling a currency pair, then closing the position for profit.

MTrading sign-up form

To open a "Magic Token" eligible account, please sign up with Forex trading broker named MTrading below & follow the steps to open a trading account.


The Magic Token path opens to the skilled and willing to learn. MTrading provide excellent education material on Forex trading, such as books, guides & live trading sessions available for you for free.


After you've successfully signed up, opened a trading account & deposited $50, go to the platform to start trading. Learn how to place your first order & close your first profitable positions.

We suggest a steady start:

  • Trade EUR/USD
  • Start with 0.01 lot positions

Withdrawing profit

Once you have struck gold having made a few profitable trades or completed the required volume for your Magic Token $50 to be eligible for withdrawal, you can withdraw your profit back to your bank account.

Supported banks: